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July 16, 2018 Custom Calligraphy

Custom Calligraphy

Heart Craft Calligraphy Ordering Information

Thank you for considering an order at Heart Craft Calligraphy.  We are fortunate that there are many talented calligraphers offering their services in today’s  fast-paced world.  Here at Heart Craft Calligraphy, there’s a focus on slowing down.  I’m spending very few hours online,  and it may take a little extra time to get back to you.  You may call and leave a message at (207) 276-8061 in addition to sending an e-mail inquiry.

Custom Calligraphy

Hand-lettered calligraphy and design at Heart Craft Calligraphy takes a considerable amount of time and attention to detail.  Everything is created with loving care and mindfulness with a focus on keeping this hand-made art alive in our technological age.

Ordering Policy

Our rate is $155/hour. *  In addition to the hourly rate and materials costs, there is set-up charge of $55, no matter what the size of the piece.  Short quotes (3-5 lines) range $110-$175.   Table Names, Place Cards and Envelope addressing range $2-$8 per item.  A  minimum of 3 weeks lead time is requested.   Occasionally, there is a 4-6 week turnaround time.  We may be able to accommodate with less time, but a rush charge (minimum $75.00) will be applied.   The Minimum Service order is $70.00, which includes the $55 Set-up Charge.

Where the Money Goes

Our family is committed to supporting local economies and sustainable businesses.  We are dedicated to “conscious consumption” in all of our purchasing.  We support many local, organic farmers. Black Land Matters. Indigenous Land Matters. We bank and shop at the smaller, local businesses primarily. We take into account “cradle to grave” purchasing.  In addition, a percentage of all our earnings is donated, and our family volunteers often as well.

As a patron of Heart Craft Calligraphy, your support ripples out far and wide, allowing more time for meaningful work in a hurrying world.

Thank you for your choice to support this small business.

* A sliding-scale rate for non-profits and special circumstances may be available, please inquire.  In addition, bartering, trade, and service exchanges, as well as donations are welcome for consideration.

If after reading this Ordering Policy you would like to proceed with a custom order, here is the process:

Ordering Process

  1. Send in a $55 non-refundable Set-Up Charge and the details of your request. Make checks payable to Heart Craft Calligraphy and send to: Heart Craft Calligraphy, P.O. Box 1127, Northeast Harbor, Maine 04662, or pay online:
  2. I will prepare a project estimate quote, and will send you a proposal.
  3. If you choose to proceed at this point, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due to commence work.
  4. The final 50% will be due upon delivery of the completed art.

Please contact me info@heartcraftcalligraphy.com with “Custom Calligraphy” in your subject line.  Thanks!

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