Oil Up and Hydrotherapy/Ishnaan

Oil Up and Hydrotherapy/Ishnaan:  I'm not sure if this originates in Ayurveda or Kundalini yoga or both.  A little sesame oil or raw almond oil rubbed into the skin. (Mountain Rose Herbs sells organic almond oil.) A lovely little wake-up message to the lymph system! 


Then, here's the part that took some gumption:  get into a COLD shower.  I start by Thanking the Water! 


Then with feet under the water, I massage one foot and lower leg with the other foot, and then change feet.  Next, I get the soles of my feet wet, one at a time.  Then put one arm in at a time, rubbing with the other hand.  Keeping thighs out of the direct spray of the water (you can wear “shower shorts”, supposedly the cold water on the thighs can cause the bones to leach calcium?) get the tops of feet, ankles and knees.  Then the underarms, and for women it's particularly helpful to get a good blast of cold water to this area and the breasts, turn around and get the back... repeat this process three times, until the entire body is flushed red and warm.  It's definitely a great way to start the day, especially if you meditate afterwards.