What's in a Name?: Heart Craft Calligraphy

By la, 03/26/2014 - 18:12

I am crafting my life.  A life of Heart-Centered Living.  A life infused with mindfulness and the Life Force of Conscious Breathing.  In this moment I'm remembering to breathe fully into my belly.  As I exhale completely, getting any stale air out of my respiratory system, I release everything I no longer need.

I invite you to join me, even though by the time you are reading this, inevitably I will have moved on to something else:  another piece of writing, a walk to the Cove near my home where my bare feet greet icy water, a thousandth swish of soapy cloth on white plate to clean the remnants of another meal... no matter what I am doing, perhaps I am remembering to attentively breathe slowly and gently, in and out.

What does this have to do with calligraphy or Heart Craft?  Maybe nothing, perhaps everything.  Heart Craft is about peace, loving, and wholeheartedly accepting everything as it is while gently embracing it.  Crafting something new from the existing.  Something healing.  Something possibly transformative.  Something playful.  Occasionally, something admittedly smarmy.

I'm playing with my breath.  I'm playing with words:  my words, the words of others.

Imagine my playful hand reaching out to you now... inviting you to play and skip!



By la on

Over a year later, I love the playfulness in this blog entry.  Wonder if anybody else has ever seen it?