A weekend of Restoration

By la, 03/26/2014 - 18:22

Today I'm celebrating accomplishments.  I have now completed two of the three Level One Trainings I signed up for in 2014:  Bach Flower Therapy and NonViolent Communication (NVC).  (The rest of 2014 will be dedicated to Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training).

Level 1 NVC  training was in Belfast, a weekend long training.  I spent the night in nearby Montville:  in a hillside YURT!  There's a whole story in and of itself, I will sum up with:  I love yurts, and over twenty years ago I was blessed to be Yurtgurl!  If you are looking for sweet and simple accommodations in the Belfast, Maine area, I highly recommend staying at Glen & Kim Widmer's yurt:  http://www.gooseridgeyurts.com/

Besides the physical nourishment of sleeping so close to the earth Saturday night, I also feel fulfilled by the deepening of my NVC practice.  I've been playing with NVC  for several years now, and am familiar with the basics.  The deepening I'm reveling over this past weekend happens through group experience.

Some highlights from the weekend:

The power of true empathy:  to listen and be listened to on a level of total acceptance.  Amazing!  Nobody is trying to fix anything, there is a simple allowing of whatever is alive in the speaker's heart in the moment.  Profound.  The connections that arise in a group committed to being present with whatever is.  It's an experience I wish everybody in the world gains access to, because, after all:  Empathy is a Universal Human Need!

How will the world be different when everybody, no exceptions, has access to that need being nourished?  I'm committed to finding out.

I choose quotes when practicing calligraphy that inspire me on my own healing path.  Reflecting on this weekend, and on an osteopathic treatment I received on Monday after I returned, I'm recognizing an element of Being Human with a fresh perspective:  It's not just my healing path.  We are all interconnected.  All human beings, as well as other beings, and the planet itself.  If my goal is Ultimate Healing for myself (which it has been for my entire adult life) I'm now more aware of how I fit in with the greater collective of beings.

I'm also finding myself willing to put the goal down and simply be wherever I'm at right now.  Which in the moment is peaceful and content.  However, in the past weeks and months I've struggled as I've tried to listen deeply to the messages my body was sending  me through tension and pain in my eyes.  I often felt overwhelmed and lost.

  I mentioned to the osteopath:  "My energy isn't what I'm used to it being these days."  He reassured me by saying that I still have energy, it's currently directed towards my healing.  There's a lot to heal.

  I accept the challenge.  As we did during our Empathy sessions this past weekend, as I've been doing daily in my Earthing practice:  I tap into the support of the Earth.  I trust it's an exchange of Gentleness and Love.  I trust that when I consciously attend to my personal healing, I can also attend to the healing of the Collective.

  The need for connection is alive and thriving within me.  May you, dear reader, enable yourself to acknowledge and celebrate this need as well.

    Sat Nam!


By Gurusant on

Harpal,This is fantastic! its like having a dharma talk from you just waiting at my beck and call.  I can hear you talking and being excited and theflow of your words as you mindfully put things together as tho you were right in front of me giving me solace for my own path with healing and undertaking to be mindful in the continuum of connection with others.Sat Nam!

By la on

Sat Nam Gurusant,

I feel grateful and encouraged to hear these writings of mine are meaningful to you.  I see the need to contribute to the enrichment of life is nourished, as well as the need for creative expression!  I am inspired to keep it up!

Wahe Guru!

Love, Harpal