Spring Move 2014

By la, 05/21/2014 - 21:01

The lowery days here on the coast of Maine are flying past, and I finally get a chance to sit and type instead of just running my pencil through my journal.


I'm feeling s t r e t c h e d right now. The past several weeks have been full with our annual Spring Move to our Summer Rental. This is our 6th move since we sold our house in 2011. There are benefits to this seasonal moving schedule we are on, along with the challenges.


Even though we are shuffling between the same two now-familiar houses, there's still an element of feeling like a hermit crab trying to settle into a new shell. One of the mixed blessings is the opportunity to declutter. My clutter is definitely one of my Shadows, and when moving there's no hiding from it. (Although a storage space assists in my denial, but I've been focusing on clearing out that clutter as well!)

Such an opportunity for tenderness toward self. I rediscover interests and passions and creative dreams. I find myself wondering if I'll have time to manifest any of them. Perhaps this is a trait I share with other creative artists? So many ideas, so many things to do in daily life. I find myself jumping into a Questioning State: “What do I do first, where do I start? How shall I do these things?” I find comfort in Rilke's quote:


“I beg you to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.”


There's so much I could write about … and ...

For now I will just give you the opportunity to check out some of my favorite moving tips.   And I'm gonna get back into the newly moved calligraphy studio and focus on the stack of quotes calling me.


With love,