Post-Summer Solstice Re-Entry

By la, 07/12/2015 - 08:52


Home from Summer Solstice Travels:  White Tantric Yoga at Ram Das Puri "emptying" reminds me of Rumi's Poem the Guest House:

I'm slowly re-entering my Mount Desert Island life amidst the fast pace of Summer Island Energy.


Grateful to be home.  Grateful for the adventure to New Mexico:  seeing dear friend and art inspiration Elisa Wike Hurley, and seeing my Solstice friends!  Sharing my calligraphy at a booth in the Bazaar, having the opportunity to serve as a "Security Sentry" reminding me of Helen Keller:

Also grateful to stop in Buffalo, NY on the way home for celebrations with my family!  Congratulations to my cousins, Sarah and Monica on graduating.  The other celebration was remembering my Great Aunt-May and all of our ancestors, as we unveiled Aunt May's gravestone.

I appreciated as well the opportunity to visit with dear NY-state friends as well:  Sareanda & Indigo, and Rebecca!


So many gifts to cherish:  friends and family, yoga and art!  Thank you Universe for this Life!


Here's a cinquain I wrote in appreciation of my visit:


of family

Watch me metamorphose

again and again, safe in this



Now, back home, settling in between trips to pick strawberries, visits to my favorite ponds, more family and friend gatherings!

This week's excitement and travels will take me to Revolutionary Press in Harborside, where my book of poetry is going to press!  "Rocking the boat, Friendship:  A collection of cinquains, quotes and the occasional senryu."  Expect this foot-powered press, handbound limited edition by Labor Day 2015.  Advanced orders are welcome, contact me


May you feel the blessings of bright summer days!


All love,