Happy New Year 2015!

By la, 01/11/2015 - 15:22
Rosie and I, sunrise flight on our way to Winter Solstice in Florida

Resonant 2/ January 11, 2015

The days round here are still flying by faster than I would like, although with the short days, perhaps my surprise is unfounded.


I'm writing lots, but not figuring out how to get it out of my journal and onto the internet.  Suggestions are welcome.  I'm celebrating my graduation from the Level I Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in December!  My personal yoga practice is enhanced by the training, and I begin teaching in Northeast Harbor this week. 

I'm still getting time for calligraphy, but not as much as I would like.  We're settling into our new home still as well.

I'm a bit like a brand-new butterfly looking back at my caterpillar life, wondering what still serves and what no longer does.  Trusting I'll make my way through this life transition eventually...


Meanwhile, I send gratitude out to you, dear reader.


With love,




By Gurusant on

My Journaling has started to take off. I feel it has helped build more silent mental space during the day. Having a pad of paper handy is allowing me to sort what's important and what is prince of lies. Grateful knowing you are at the journal making life rich in meaning every day. It helps to focus and know the journal is an amazing tool.

By la on

Thank you for this perspective, Gurusant!  Three cheers for anything that's building more silent mental space during the day.  Usually winter days are full of focused introspection... not so much the case for me today.  Maybe I'll get offline again and journal!  Sat Nam!