Earthing At the Cove: Where my feet take me

By la, 04/09/2015 - 16:13
Where My Feet Take Me

April 2015.  Indoor/Outdoor Temps.  Where my feet take me...

         BOOTS  ON!      

Boots Off!

                                BOOTS OFF!

           FEET IN       

                             DUSK AT LOW TIDE


Who'd think somebody born in Florida would be eager to leave a cozy warm house and go stick their bare feet in the icy ocean?

Perhaps somebody who loves the practice of Ishnaan!


When I learned that bare feet in salt water is one of the most potent healing remedies for everything, including simply immune boosting, I knew I had no excuses.  Living within walking distance to shorefront, I take advantage of this gift as often as possible.

I do get outside bare foot every day, year-round, for at least three breaths. 


I'm warmer these days than I was for the first decade+ living in Maine.