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By la, 05/31/2014 - 13:19

Mercury is going retrograde again (June 7 – June 30, 2014), offering us the opportunity to possibly be challenged in communications with each other.


For over a decade, I've been practicing communication tools that lead to not only conflict resolution, but deep abiding Peace.



After all this time, I still have ample opportunities to practice. I do find, however, that in my closest relationships our diligent practice generates exceptional ease and understanding. Just last night, my beloved husband, Kyle, and I gracefully went through a State of Discomfort (these are stressful times we are all living in, and communication is hampered by stress) by utilizing our practices. At the end of our conversation, we both felt grateful. Encouraged to share our Toolkit with others so that more people can expand their perspectives of how satisfying relationship can be.


COMMUNICATION TOOLKIT:  Please click on the tools that you are interested in for more information:





EMPATHY & NonViolent Communication



Sometimes no matter which tool you pull out a relationship will still feel stuck or blocked. Here are some tools for when communication appears to fail:








Please keep in mind that the tools I've included are ones I'm currently using in my own daily life, and are not a pointing of fingers at others! But even if I tried that, when I point my finger at another, I look down at my hand and find three fingers pointing back at me! Nevertheless, I trust something I've shared will pique your interest. And if you have tools you'd like to share, or comments about your experiences with the aforementioned tools, or any other feedback, it's welcome! Just sign in and post your comments!




Happy Communicating!


Crystal 2 2014 *

Red Self-Existing Skywalker, Guided by Birth

* (The 13 Moon Calendar date for 5-31-2014)  Fortunately, on the 13-moon Calendar we are in the Crystal Moon of Cooperation, so perhaps that energy will ease things up a bit for us all as Mercury goes retrograde.



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Sat Nam!

On Mercury Retrograde this round, May-June 2015, I'm feeling a little stymied in accomplishing tasks.  Was wondering what's going on.  Then came across this blog post of Haridev Kaur's and feel reassured and reinspired.  I'm off now to explore the Positive Mind and 3rd Chakra with tools of Kundalini Yoga!  Wahe Guru!

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I find so many of these tools helpful. I would like a flower essence treatment soon. I have a friend going through some serious depression and general yuckiness.
Will you do a phone consult for him? and how much?

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Thanks for sharing Gurusant!

Flower consults are by donation, as I'm still in training.  Suggested donation is $15.  Please e-mail or call to set up an appointment.  Thanks!

You and your friend(s) may also be interested in a book I've been reading:

Senses of the Soul:  Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing and Guidance, by GuruMeher Khalsa.  The exercises in the book are also available on the website.